Google’s “Ten things” Philosophy and the Connection with SEO

Google’s “Ten things” Philosophy and the Connection with SEO

One of my favorite parts of being in the SEO industry is the amount of changes that occur on a daily basis. Year over year we see 500 plus algorithm changes; and as technology evolves, search is right behind it with more changes to create a holistic experience.

However, with all the changes, many tend to chase the algorithm and get caught playing catch-up instead of looking a step or two ahead and considering what may be next. Looking farther ahead may be difficult, but can become much easier if you just consider the root of why search quality teams would be making so many drastic improvements.

To do this, I tore a page out of Google’s book with their Ten things we know to be true, or company philosophy. And after reading through this I found some very interesting topics and correlations between the search giant and SEO – go figure, right? – some upfront, some buried.

Below you can read through the correlations. Feel free to comment with anything you see as well.