Are Exact Match Domains Really Being Discounted?

Late Friday, Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s search quality team, announced that Google is unleashing an update that will reduce the number of low-quality exact match domains. Popular Search Engine Marketing blogger, Barry Schwartz, was surprised that it took this long to put an algorithm into effect that could accomplish the removal of these; however, did they really get removed?

It may be unconventional for most, but I prefer searching with 100 results per page to quickly skim through rankings to track any large movements, and, while the majority of the time these results line up, the past few days they haven’t come anywhere close.

For example, when I search for the keyword “Vacation Rentals” with normal search settings and without being signed in to a Google account, the results looks something like this:

Vacation Rentals - Google Search

































Looks pretty normal right? Nothing overly biased; however, look what happen when you switch your search settings to display 100 results here.

The first 31 results are all from That seems just a little biased to exact match domains. I’ve seen this with multiple generic searches and am starting to wonder if Google unleashed their EMD algorithm too soon. I’m waiting to hear back from Matt Cutts on the subject and will update everyone as soon as I hear more.