Export Entire Google Analytics Data Sets

Article by: Matt Polsky

In certain instances, you may want to export thousands of rows of data from Google Analytics, but eventually run into the problem of only being able to export 5000 rows at a time.

If you're looking to get around that export the entire analytics dataset, here's a quick hack. This can be useful at times, but can also crash your browser depending on how much data you're working with.

1) First, sign into your Google Analytics account and go to the data set you would like to export. 


As you can see, even with maxing out the dataset at 5000, I still would have to go through and download the rest of this table a few more times.

2) Run to the URL bar and find the section that says table.rowCount

From here, go to where it says 5000 (could be 10, 25, 50, 100, or 250 depending on how many rows you have showing)  and change that to the entire data set.

Once you do that hit enter and boom, you have the entire data set ready to export.

Again, this is good if you have a manageable amount of data. If you're trying to export hundreds of thousands of rows, you'll crash your browser.

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