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Quality Link Building Strategies with Example Pitches

Link Building

Updated 9/21/2013 As an industry, our position on what makes a quality link has changed over the years, specifically in the past 18 months, and most tactics have followed suit. The culprit for shifting our paradigm has been the Panda

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Prospecting for Links Like a Pro


Guest blogging, while becoming overplayed, is still a great way to build relevant links from authority websites within a niche. Every site, from the one-man show to the enterprise level news blog, is in need of content, and many will

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Getting Out of the Guest Blogging Bubble


Guest blogging is the most widely known tactic to legitimately build links from authority websites; however, while guest posting has its benefits, it also has its negative connotations. As inbound marketers, we need to not just get ahead of the

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Incentivizing Link Building to Promote Results


A few weeks ago, Derek Halpern over at Social Triggers, wrote a great piece on persuading people you don’t know to help you, aka getting links. In short, Derek used the incentives brought to light in the popular book Freakonomics

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Google Offers Disavow Links Tool – Cautions Webmasters

Yesterday at Pubcon Vegas, a search, social media and affiliate marketing conference, Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s webspam team announced a new tool for webmasters – the disavow links tool. This tool, giving webmasters the ability to disassociate themselves

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Finding Link Opportunities Through Backlink Analysis

Finding linking opportunities through backlink analysis requires you to have some common sense, basic knowledge of your competitors, an idea of what good links are, and you’ll also need access to a quality backlink analysis tool like SEOmoz’s Open Site

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Link Building that Results in an Unnatural Link Warning

With Google sending out an average of 20 unnatural link warnings a day, in addition to the 20,000 that have already been sent out, it may be useful to know what links are affecting your site and what link building

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Link Warnings Update Leads to Confusion and Changes

Matt Cutts posted on Google+ last week telling webmasters not to panic over receiving unnatural link warnings. Cutts said: “If you received a message yesterday about unnatural links to your site, don’t panic…Yesterday, we took another step towards more transparency

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