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Why Google Modifies Your Title Tags

The set Title Tag is actually just "Welcome to Rizzo's!" Google is pulling the rest.

Google Webmaster Central describes the site title, or title tag, as a quick representation of the content of a result and its relevance to a specific query. Sounds basic right? However, one thing you may not know, or dealt with,

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Google Removes “Not Selected” Feature from Webmaster Tools

Last July, Google added a new feature to Webmaster Tools – Index Status. This feature helped webmasters better understand their site’s indexing, including what I considered as the most important feature, showing the pages that the algorithm overlooked. As of

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Image Optimization and Alt Text Best Practices

The primary purpose of alt text is for user experience. It is designed to provide an alternative description of an image for users who can’t view or choose search settings that do not display images. Think of it from the

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On-Page SEO Factors that Impact Rankings

The latest version of the algorithm not only ties in over-optimization and site speed, but stresses the importance of having fresh unique content. So when building a new site or optimizing a current one, it’s important to know what on-site

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