About Matt Polsky

headshot-small.jpgI've spent the majority of my marketing career in SEO strategy, technical infrastructure and link development, and love taking on the ever changing world of online marketing.

I first became involved with SEO in 2007 without initially realizing it. My task was to find a way of removing negative reviews from a third-party site that was bogging down a local business, and after searching through as many resources as I could find, I realized the only way to do this was by finding a way to push better results above it.

Fast forward a few years and I found a home at Veterans United as the VP of Organic Search, guiding the organic presence for the nation's leading dedicated provider of VA Loans. In this role I have built the presence of Veterans United from the ground up, generating thousands of visitors each week, and becoming the leading organic player in a highly competitive space.

Specialties: Search Engine Marketing & Optimization (SEO), Digital Marketing, Startups, Web Application Development, Social Media Marketing, and Conversion Optimization.


If you'd like to have me speak at your conference, meeting, event or college class drop me an email at matt[at]mattpolsky.com.

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Disclaimer: All views, opinions and ideas are my own.