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Using Great Content to Build Links

Publishing amazing content as an SEO strategy has been preached over and over again, yet marketers following this strategy often overlook that you need more than amazing content to actually rank well in a competitive niche. Let’s face it, in…

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Broken Image with Alt Text

Image Optimization and Alt Text Best Practices

Image search can generate a ton of traffic. Not all that traffic is going to be worthwhile, but in many niches you can find ways of turning that into leads, subscribers or, if nothing else, a sweet link opportunity. However,…

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On-Page SEO – A Foundation for Success

In most cases, the first thing I do when checking into a new site, client or even competitor, I check to see what their on-page optimization looks like. This can be where you can establish some immediate quick-wins and begin…

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Rel=”Author” May be Gone, But Agent Rank Lives On

When I first wrote the post below, studies on authorship and its influence on CTR were mainstream; Eric Schmidt unveiled his ideas on author profiles and how he believed they would affect future rankings; and Panda made its third appearance…

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Prospecting for Links Like a Pro

Guest blogging, while becoming overplayed, is still a great way to build relevant links from authority websites within a niche. Every site, from the one-man show to the enterprise level news blog, is in need of content, and many will…

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Getting Out of the Guest Blogging Bubble

Guest blogging is the most widely known tactic to legitimately build links from authority websites; however, while guest posting has its benefits, it also has its negative connotations. As inbound marketers, we need to not just get ahead of the…

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